About us

Dr. Hiremath not only completed his doctorate degree in dentistry but went on to specialize in orthodontics.

  • Dr. Hiremath strives to achieve the highest quality of service.
  • Your orthodontic treatment is very individualized. Your case will be explained to you and will be given different options and scenarios concerning the correction of your teeth. We strive to give you as much information as possible.
  • Initial examinations and recalls are complimentary. Although early interceptive treatment is a priority when necessary, most of our younger patients are placed on recall to monitor their growth and development. There is no charge until your treatment is started.
  • For each case, we present several payment options for treatment fees. The fees include all diagnostic records, adjustments, retainers and observation after the braces are removed. There are no hidden costs. If you are not certain about going into treatment at your first appointment, there is absolutely no obligation.
  • When your braces are put on, the doctor is the one who places your brackets. Correct placement of brackets is essential for a good orthodontic outcome.
  • We strive to complete your orthodontic treatment within the estimated time range given to you at the beginning of treatment. One of the most frequently asked questions is, "When am I getting my braces off?" We have an excellent success rate in completing your treatment on time. Cooperation of our patients is important for us reach this goal.
  • We maintain communication with your general dentist to, during and following your treatment. Should restorative or cosmetic dentistry be needed following the orthodontic treatment, Dr. Hiremath will discuss your unique situation with you and your dentist to help achieve the best smile possible.
  • Digital panoramic x-rays are taken periodically during treatment to monitor your progress. These x-rays will be shared with your dentist in order to prevent unnecessary radiographs.
  • We value your time. Our goal is for you to be seen on time at each visit. Your progress will be discussed at the end of each appointment.

Make an appointment today...we’ll give you a reason to smile!.

Kumar Hiremath, DDS, Orthodontist