New patient exams

Your first visit is actually a complimentary orthodontic exam and consultation. Here you will get to meet with Dr. Hiremath and his staff, share your concerns and learn about your specific treatment needs. Following an exam, he will share his initial findings with you. Should he recommend treatment, he will provide you an overview of your treatment plan, the timing and the length of treatment, the costs involved and any other areas that impact successful orthodontic outcomes.

Should you decide to move forward with Hiremath Orthodontics, we will schedule you for diagnostic records appointment where we will take any additional X-rays, impression of you teeth, and photographs of you teeth and face. If at you initial consultation you decide to use our services, you may opt to have your diagnostic records taken at this appointment instead of scheduling a separate appointment
Please call us at the phone number on the top of the page or use the contact us section to schedule your free consultation today.